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Mastering ‘No Thanks, I Have Quit Smoking’

If you are reading this, chances are that you have already quit smoking, but are fearful of a relapse. Well, there is every reason to be cautious as there are many people who try to quit smoking, and it is only too common a fact that a number of these people have a relapse. Data shows that close to 40% of people who manage to stay smoke free for a year relapse and go on to smoke a cigarette or more in the future; although this probability does go down considerably for people who have been smoke free for around five years.

If you have quit smoking and intend to keep things that way, the foremost thing that you need to bear in mind is that having even a single cigarette can do damage, and get you right back to square one (with a habit in tow). Yes, fact remains that people who have quit smoking do succumb to pressure to smoke just that one cigarette and often find themselves nursing their smoking habit yet again. This typical ‘junkie’ thinking is known to be the cause of many relapses even in the cigarette smoking populace, and it is precisely this line of thought that makes a person who has quit smoking forget why he/she quit smoking in the first place. cbd shop in der nähe

Also, when someone who has quit smoking for a while starts thinking that he/she has absolute control over the addiction, there can be trouble. Do bear in mind that if you have ever been addicted to nicotine, introducing it back into your life will leave you highly prone to become habituated once more. The trick to remain smoke free, therefore, is to ensure that you stay well clear of smoking even a single cigarette.

Remain Watchful:

Do you remember how strong the urge to smoke was when you first quit smoking? And then the urge went down to quite an extent with the passing of time. However, even after remaining smoke free for months, the urge did not disappear completely. This is why you have to remain watchful of situations that can get you to light up again. If you do find yourself being tempted, remember that you have resisted such urges in the past, and this situation should be no different. At this point you need to revisit the plan that helped you quit smoking, and if hadn’t used a plan, then you might want to devise one to help you remain smoke free.

Social Gatherings & Parties:

Social gathering and parties have a way of working as very strong triggers when it comes to people lighting up again after having being smoke free for both short and long durations. When you’ve just started on your ‘smoke free’ ways, it is best if you steer clear of social gatherings that you feel might act as a trigger. The most important thing here is that you be honest with yourself, and identify these potentially hazardous situations.

For example, going out for the night with a bunch of friends amongst whom a majority are smokers is something that is best avoided (especially in the early stages of your quit smoking efforts). Instead, going out with someone who is supportive of your efforts would be a much better idea. Going out but limiting yourself to the ‘non-smoking’ area is also a good idea.

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